Holographic Universe: An Introduction
Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)

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1. Holographic Universe: An Introduction

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This book has been translated into ItalianPortuguese,

SpanishFrench, NorwegianIrish, Greek, Japanese

Afrikaans, and German

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1. Italian ​(Universo Olografico: Un'introduzione)

2. Portuguese (Universo Holográfico: Uma Introdução)

3. Spanish (Universo Holográfico: Una Introducción) 

4. French (Univers Holographique: Une Introduction)

5. Norwegian (Holografisk Univers: En Introduksjon)
6. Irish (Cruinne Holographic: Réamhrá)
​7. Greek (
Ολογραφικό Σύμπαν: Μια Εισαγωγή)

8.Japanese (ホログラフィックうちゆう: 提出)

9. Afrikaans (Holografiese Heelal: 'n Inleiding)

10. German (Holographisches Universum: Eine Einführung).

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2. Grow Rich while Walking into the

​Golden Aged World

(with Meditation Commentaries).

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of some of the things that are discussed in the

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This book has been translated into:

1. Portuguese

2. Spanish:

3.Japanese: 黄金の高齢者の世界 (瞑想の論評と) に歩いている間に豊かな成長

3. Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation

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This book has been translated into:

1. Portuguese (

2. Hindi (

3. Spanish (

4. Greek (

​5. Irish (

6. Finnish (

​7. Norwegian (

8. Japanese (リフレッシュし、瞑想を通して自分自身を癒す).

4. The Net and Indra’s Net in the Holographic Universe

NB: I have decided to write this book before completing the book on the aliens because I have to explain about how the ancestors of the present day 'aliens' were given dimensions to reside in through the Net.

For more information see:

5. My Experiences with the Aliens

(and Why the Aliens Exist)

This book is in the process of being written.

​For more information, see:

​6. Expansion of the Universe.

This book is in the process of being written.
For more information, see:

7. Pillar of Light in the Holographic Universe

This book is in the process of being written.

​8. Mount Meru

9. Evolution during Ancient Time

10. History of Ancient Bharath and Lemurians

11. Cosmic Man (Purusha)

This book is in the process of being written.

12. Return of the Lion Kings (Are you one?)

This book is in the process of being written.

NB: In my books, I have explained about the 13 dimensions in the Holographic Universe. Out of these, the first lower 12 dimensions in the Holographic Universe represents the 12 disciples/helpers (chakras and auric fields used for helping with the return) and the 13th dimension is for the return of the Lion Kings. Explanations will be given on the Cosmic Man while explaining the usage of the higher dimensions for the return.

13. Yantra of Creation

​This book is in the process of being written.

14. Sleep Yoga and the Dream of Brahma.

This book is in the process of being written.

15. Usage of the Brain.

This book is in the process of being written.

NB: In all the books which I have written so far, I have not given a complete explanation on how the brain is used, especially through the Holographic Universe, because this will be done in this book.

The books in this site are written by 

Brahma Kumari Pari, 
​LL.B. (Hons.)(London),
CLP (Mal.), LL.M (Wol.), Ph.D.

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