Holographic Universe: An Introduction
Holographic Universe: An Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Holographic Universe

Also touches on: 
-           Corporeal World
-           Real World
-           Quantum World
-           Subtle World of Light (SWL)
-           Quantum Energies’ Light (QE Light)
-           Density of worlds and dimensions
-           Differences in dimensions
-           Souls
-           Metaphysical dimension in the SWL 
-           Subtle World Drama (SWD)
-           2D SWD 
-           3D SWD

Chapter 2: Nature’s 2D World Drama and the Cycle of Time

Also touches on:
-           Eternal nature of 2D WD 
-           2D WD provides for linear time
-           2D SWD provides for cyclic time
-           Difference between human soul and Supreme Soul (God)
-           At the end of each 2D SWD, a new 2D SWD is created when impressions of the World Dramas that are deep within God and all human souls are left on the QE Light energies 
-           Hindu cycle is a cosmological cycle
-           God (or its equivalent, including ‘Brahma’) often used as a concept in ancient texts
-           QE Light and quantum energies’ ability to create, sustain and annihilate have been portrayed as Brahma, Vishnu and Shanker
-           2D WD includes the scientific Laws of Nature

Chapter 3: World Drama and Soul World

Also touches on:
-           Free will
-           Akashic Records
-           Visions
-           World Dramas deep within the human soul is a 3D subtle movie of the soul’s incarnations
-           Impressions on the 2D SWD
-           No ‘Time’ in the Soul World

Chapter 4: The Subtle World Drama (SWD)

Also touches on:
-           2D SWD and 3D SWD
-           Web-like SWD or Web-like 2D SWD
-           Ardhanarishvara
-           Space and Time in SWD
-           Sinking of the 3D SWD
-           Various meanings of Heaven
-           Meaning of soul-conscious

Chapter 5: Role of Causal Energies in the Holographic Universe

Also touches on:
-           Causal Self, causal body or Subconscious Self
-           Meaning of Karana Sarira and Karana Deha
-           Meaning of causal energies
-           Connection between World Drama and causal energies
-           Impressions left on 2D SWD
-           2D SWD provides for development of fetuses
-           Free will 
-           Activities in brain for decision making
-           Conscious Self
-           Different energies of the soul perform different tasks
-           Causal energies entangled with 2D SWD
-           Projection of Holographic Body
-           Scientific Laws of Nature become part and parcel of the 2D SWD because the 2D WD is entangled with the 2D SWD
-           Law of Karma is provided for by the 2D SWD and the World Dramas within God and human souls 
-           Creation of fetuses for all of one’s incarnations on earth
-           Myths explaining the creation of the Holographic Bodies 
-           Walking into the Golden Aged world
-           Causal energies’ temporary role for ‘creation’
-           Subtle Ka bodies in World Drama deep within the soul
-           Ka laid to rest upon death
-           Incarnations in a cycle
-           Web-like 2D SWD

Chapter 6: Subtle Life Drama (SLD)

Also touches on:
-           ‘World Drama’ as a concept
-           3D hologram 
-           Life Dramas on earth
-           Holographic Body
-           Some quantum energies act like glue to stick all the SLDs and mass

Chapter 7: Manusmriti 1.5 - A description of the Dark Quantum Energies in the Dark Quantum World

Also touches on: 
-           No-info QE (quantum energies which have no information)
-           Meaning of Real World 
-           Quantum energies encode, decode and recode information to materialize everything in the Real World
-           In its original state, quantum energies have no information
-           Dark nature of the quantum energies 
-           Near Death Experiences and subtle experiences of going through a black tunnel and into a black quantum dimension

Chapter 8: Quantum Energies’ Light (QE Light) and Photons

Also touches on:
-           Virtual photons 
-           Real photons
-           Quantum vacuum
-           Electromagnetic energies
-           ‘Female created from male’ as a symbolic representation
-           Ardhanarishvara, Shanker/Shiva, Parvati and Uma
-           Non-living light form of mass
-           Living and non-living aspect of the QE Light forms of plants, animals, human beings and quantum energies which are involved with ‘creation’ 
-           2D SWD and Nature’s eternal 2D WD imprinted in QE Light
-           Organic nature of plants, living things etc. is provided for by the QE Light system of quantum energies. 
-           Inorganic nature of matter is provided through the system of quantum energies involving the virtual photon light form
-           Projection of quantum bodies in 3D SWD
-           Quantum particle bodies as Quantum Particle Body
-           Quantum wave forms/bodies as Quantum Wave Form
-           QE Light bodies
-           Difference between soul’s energies and QE Light energies
-           No-info QE Light (QE Light which has no information) is in the Subtle World of Light (SWL)
-           QE Light which has Information (QE Light with Info)
-           Various kinds of quantum energies exist in the Quantum World 
-           No-info QE (quantum energies which have no information) is in the Depth of the Quantum World
-           Depth of the Quantum World is dark
-           2D SWD is entangled with the 2D WD
-           QE with Info (quantum energies with information)
-           QE Light is needed to begin creation process
-           Human souls are entangled with QE Light
-           Causal energies not pulled back after the creation process, in the second half cycle
-           All quantum energies act as ‘one’
-           Illusion (Maya)
-           Embodied soul (jivatma)
-           ‘Darkness’ or black quantum energies (no-info QE) and ‘light’ (QE Light and virtual photons) are involved with creation
-           Creation takes place at the border between the Quantum World and SWL. 
-           ‘Primordial ocean’ in Hindu myths reflect the ‘Unified Field’
-           Same space but different dimensions 
-           Vacuum energy
-           Particle and anti-particle come into existence and then annihilate each other
-           Virtual particle, in the particle-antiparticle pair, can become an actual particle and become part of the Real World
-           Particle and anti-particle collide to create something for the Real World 
-           Virtual particle-actual particle interchangeable state
-           Quantum foam or space-time foam 
-           My experiences in the quantum dimensions
-           Visible and invisible universe
-           QE Light which has the imprints of the 2D SWD provides a holographic edge just above the visible universe, though it is also as if the 2D SWD is everywhere in the Holographic Universe
-           Quantum God 

Chapter 9: The Real World and the Holographic World

Also touches on:
-           Living in the Hologram (3D SWD)

Chapter 10: Seeing the World

Also touches on:
-           How we see through using our eyes 
-           QE Light brain
-           QE Light Mind or Quantum Mind 
-           Mind, intellect and Memory Bank of the soul
-           Soul is entangled with the living and non-living aspect of QE Light brain and QE Light body
-           Soul sees through the QE Light eyes
-           Holographic Universe is like a Holographic Computer
-           Soul sees everything in the Holographic World and in the Real World
-           Experiences on what is happening in the brain
-           Hologram

Chapter 11: Holographic Film of the Hologram (3D SWD)

Also touches on:
-           How the quantum waves play a role with the QE Light as the holographic film (2D SWD)
-           2D SWD as the Holographic Film of the 3D SWD Hologram
-           How the World Drama deep within the soul is part and parcel of the holographic film (2D SWD)

Chapter 12: Manusmriti 1.7 - Creation of Holographic Beings 

Also touches on: 
-           God, causal energies of human souls and the Quantum God as creators
-           Ka (from the World Drama deep within the soul) is “shone forth”
-           Ancient scientists also used concept called “God” while explaining Quantum Mechanics

Chapter 13: Aura, Chakras and Vortices

Also touches on:
-           No-Info QE Light transforming to become QE Light with Info in order to provide QE Light bodies of aura
-           Meaning of Holographic Body
-           QE Light bodies overlap the physical body
-           Continuous creation process
-           Chakras and vortices join two fields in the Quantum Ocean (Unified Field)
-           Creation of Holographic Body and physical body through chakras
-           Chakras are like the spinning black holes
-           QE Light provides for the 7 colours
-           Energies of the aura vibrate out from the QE Light bodies 
-           Chakras are in the Holographic Universe and not in the Real World
-           Vishnu floating on the primordial ocean
-           QE Light initiates the creation of chakras for the QE Light and quantum energies to flow through
-           Aura is like a chakra
-           Energies of the soul, which have vibrated out from the soul, are in the environment/dimensions within the aura
-           Vibrations from the QE Light energies, in the aura, reflect the person’s thoughts, feelings etc. through various colours
-           Vibrations from the QE Light, in the aura, are closer to everything in the Corporeal World than the energies of the soul
-           Thoughts and memories are stored within the soul
-           Souls can subtly interact and communicate with each other through their auras
-           One lives in the Holographic Universe as the Causal Self
-           Perception of what is far away through an expanded aura

Chapter 14: Density of Worlds

Also touches on:
-           Each dimension is a ‘world’
-           Holographic Universe and Real World are of different densities
-           Energies from vortices materialise the Real World
-           Most dense energies exit from near the tip of the vortices to materialise what exists near the surface of the earth
-           Less dense energies exit from higher up the vortices to create what exists in outer space
-           Each auric field has a different density
-           State of aura is between the ‘quantum’ and ‘Real’
-           Different auric fields used in religious life and non-religious life 
-           QE Light energies which provide the auric fields are exiting the chakras at different levels
-           ‘Real World Quantum Dimension’ refers to the QE Light and quantum dimensions which are collectively involved with materialising the Real World
-           Different Real World Quantum Dimensions of different densities exist along the vortices from which QE Light and quantum energies emerge to materialise the Real World
-           Only one of the Real World Quantum Dimensions provide the Real World, at a specific point in time
-           Real World can be situated anywhere along the vortices 
-           When the energies of the soul transformed into the ordinary state, the QE Light energies were only capable of spinning out, as vortices, to a lesser height
-           Real World drops to nearer the tip of the vortex
-           Most dense Real World Quantum Dimension materialise the Real World at the end of Kaliyug 
-           Position of SWD changes because of changes in density
-           Different Real World Quantum Dimensions materialise the Real World in the first and second half cycle
-           QE Light and human souls sink into the Quantum World from the Mid-Confluence
-           Quantum dimensions, which materialise the Real World, exist permanently
-           My experiences in the quantum dimensions

Chapter 15: Subtle Experiences and Near Death Experiences in Dark Environment

Also touches on:
-           Significance of experiences in black tunnel and dark quantum dimension
-           Why SWL was above the Quantum World in the first half cycle
-           Why SWL is in the Quantum World in the second half cycle
-           Patches of QE with Info among the No-info QE
-           Upon death soul leaves quantum energies of one body to enter the quantum energies of the new fetus
-           Crown Chakra is connected to the dark vortex which allows the soul, or energies of the soul, to enter into the dark quantum dimension where the No-Info QE exists
-           QE Light and quantum energies have to provide an environment/dimension for the energies of the soul
-           Experiences of seeing other souls and God (as points of light)
-           God’s guidance as per the World Drama
-           Experiences in auric fields
-           Ocean of Quantum Energies is in the Depths of the Quantum World 
-           Black Energy Field
-           Flow of energies between First Field and Second Field 
-           Shore of the Ocean of Quantum Energies is in Border of the Quantum World 

Chapter 16: Cosmic Consciousness and Other Dimensions

Also touches on:
-          QE Light energies in the SWL is the Cosmic Consciousness
-           Cosmic Consciousness is the ocean of pure No-info QE Light energies which is in the Depths of the SWL
-           Border of the SWL is filled with pure No-info QE Light energies and is the Shore of the QE Light Ocean
-           Cosmic Field 
-           In the second half cycle, Cosmic Consciousness is not as powerful as it was during the first half cycle
-           Meaning of ‘deity souls’
-           Vortices close when human beings are overcome by the vices
-           During the second half cycle, souls and Cosmic Consciousness are separated from each other because souls indulge in the vices
-           Differences in the order of dimensions during the first half cycle and second half cycle
-           ‘Night’ of the souls in the Holographic Universe
-           Night of Brahma
-           ‘Day’ of the deity souls in the Holographic Universe
-           Day of Brahma

Chapter 17: Subtle Experiences in the Second Half Cycle

Also touches on:
-           Subtle environments and subtle bodies used in auric fields
-           Different kinds of experiences in the different auric fields
-           Cosmic Consciousness begins the process for creating a subtle environment and subtle body
-           Differences between subtle dimensions and quantum dimensions
-           Subtle environment and subtle bodies provided temporarily in auric fields
-           Subtle environment and subtle bodies created based on the thoughts, desires, belief systems, etc. 
-           God helps and guides people through inspiration
-           ‘Mid-Region’ is the space between the Soul World and Corporeal World 
-           ‘Mid-Element’ is the element in the Mid-Region 
-           Mid-Element act as the means of communication for bringing God’s guidance etc. to the Cosmic Consciousness which is in the Corporeal World
-           Mid-Elements and the Cosmic Consciousness are merely serving God
-           Religious/spiritual experiences are around the edge of the Real World or beyond the Real World but within the Corporeal World.
-           Subtle environments and subtle bodies of Mid-Confluence Aged people can be anywhere from above the Quantum World to within the Quantum World
-           Lifting one’s consciousness out of the black environment to bring them into the Cosmic Consciousness
-           First 3 auric fields is referred to as the Physical Auric Fields
-           Different auric fields used during religious life
-           5th auric field, 6th auric field and 7th auric field are collectively referred to as the Spiritual Auric Fields
-           4th chakra and the 4th auric field are used to connect the body to the spiritual life
-           Spiritual Auric Fields is in the First Field
-           How the higher auric fields are provided until the energies of the soul reach the Cosmic Consciousness
-           The auric fields beyond the Spiritual Auric Fields are referred to as the Higher Auric Fields
-           Higher Auric Fields is in the Cosmic Field
-           Creation of chakras for the higher auric fields
-           Auric fields beyond the Higher Auric Fields are referred to as the SWL Auric Fields
-           SWL Auric Fields is in the Border of the SWL
-           If the consciousness of the soul goes into the SWL Auric Fields, the soul gets lifted into the SWL
-           One uses the Holographic Universe and the Real World at the same time
-           7th auric field connects the person in the Real World to the area which is above the Real World
-           Subtle dimensions within the Higher Auric Fields and SWL Auric Fields are above the Real World but within the Corporeal World
-           12 auric fields can be used within the Corporeal World
-           Physical Auric Fields is in the Second Field
-           Impure QE Light and quantum energies provide environment for the energies of the vices in the aura
-           Environment, which the energies of the soul have, will depend on which auric field they are vibrating out into
-           Vision or experience is in the Quantum World, and not in Cosmic Consciousness, if vices give the vision or experience. 
-           How information is got about what exists in the 2D SWD
-           No worship in the first half cycle
-           How chakras, QE Light Mind and aura are used for giving visions and experiences that are bestowed by God
-           Auras merge if people are involved with the same thoughts, religious practices, knowledge, activities, feelings or if they have love for each other
-           Collective Consciousness of belief system
-           Experiences etc. through a Collective Consciousness can be within the Real World (in the Second Field), near the end of the Real World (in the First Field) or beyond the Real World (in the Cosmic Field or Border of SWL) but they will be within the Corporeal World
-           One’s aura can be empowered by the more powerful aura of others
-           Merged auras assist people to send messages across to God through the Cosmic Consciousness 
-           How a spiritually developed person easily understands the desires of others 
-           Using the various ‘light forms’ of the Cosmic Consciousness, priests etc. for worship
-           Becoming ‘one’ with the Cosmic Consciousness
-           QE Light obeys commands of the Causal Self
-           QE Light Mind is like the mind of the Cosmic Consciousness
-           Heaven and hell after death

Chapter 18: Confluence Aged Subtle Region and Subtle Bodies

Also touches on:
-           How God creates the Confluence Aged Subtle Region and subtle bodies, beyond the Corporeal World, while on His way to the Corporeal World
-           Confluence Aged Subtle Region is referred to as ‘Subtle Region’
-           Confluence Aged subtle bodies are referred to as ‘angelic bodies’
-           Three worlds: Soul World, Angelic World and the Corporeal World
-           Angelic World is the Subtle Region 
-           Subtle Region consists of Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri and Shankerpuri
-           God created the Subtle Region in the space of the Mid-Region
-           Three kinds of elements provide the environment in the Subtle Region
-           5 elements in the Corporeal World
-           6th element is the Brahm element in the Soul World
-           7th element is the Mid-Element which fills the environment between the Soul World and the Corporeal World
-           Vortices open at the extreme edge of the Corporeal World so that the QE Light can serve God
-           God’s energies energised the QE Light and vortices at the edge of the Corporeal World
-           Only God’s energies can transform the QE Light energies into a powerful, pure, perfect and divine state
-           Vortices, at the edge of the Corporeal World, only allow souls to enter the Corporeal World when they have left the Soul World to come into the Corporeal World
-           Only God can take souls back to the Soul World
-           Angelic bodies were created by the QE Light based on the thought which God had as He was coming from the Soul World
-           Two kinds of angelic bodies: Angelic Body (which is a Holographic Body) and angelic bodies (which are created temporarily for visions)
-           During the non-Confluence Aged creation of QE Light body, chakras open in the Holographic Body which overlap the physical body
-           During the Confluence Aged creation of QE Light body, vortices open at the edge of the Corporeal World at the beginning of the Confluence Age
-           Confluence Aged Spiritual Effort-maker Causal Self or Spiritual Effort-maker
-           A BK is a person who uses the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris
-           Angelic Self
-           Explanations on the Confluence Aged spiritual effort-making 
-           Creation of angelic bodies which appear in visions
-           Subtle regions and subtle bodies, in visions, do not exist permanently
-           Confluence Aged auric field is referred to as the ‘Confluence Auric Field’
-           Confluence Auric Field vibrates out from the Angelic Body which is the Holographic Body
-           Visions are seen in one’s Confluence Auric Field, beyond the Corporeal World, in the Subtle Region
-           Powerful blissful stage for purification of the soul
-           Brahm element provides environment
-           Brahma Baba’s Angelic Body and Confluence Auric Field is referred to as ‘Baba’s Angelic Body and Auric Field’
-           God also uses Baba’s Angelic Body and Auric Field
-           Meaning of ‘sakar murlis’
-           Angelic Bodies are used beyond the Corporeal World
-           Using two worlds (Corporeal World and Angelic World) at the same time
-           Meaning of ‘consciousness’ 
-           How the Spiritual Effort-maker and Angelic Self are used during spiritual effort-making
-           Angelic Brahma Baba
-           God’s energies, which are within Baba’s Angelic Body and Auric Field, keep the vortices open, at the edge of the Corporeal World
-           How BKs use the vortices which are kept open through Baba’s Angelic Body and Auric Field
-           God’s energies in Confluence Auric Field energise the intellect and so the divine intellect of the soul flies to link the soul to God 
-           Confluence Aged Prana
-           BK Collective Consciousness is hooked into the Subtle Region through Brahma Baba’s Confluence Auric Field
-           What happens when BK knowledge and ‘Remembrance of God’ is used during BK spiritual effort-making
-           Confluence Auric Field is gigantic because it connects the person on earth to the Subtle Region which is beyond the Corporeal World
-           Comparing Non-BK auric fields to the Confluence Auric Field
-           Meaning of ‘Mid-Confluence Aged gods’
-           BKs link to God and not to Brahma Baba
-           My experiences during BK spiritual effort-making
-           Confluence Aged souls use the corporeal bodies as aliens in the Corporeal World
-           Density of QE Light energies
-           Why only the Subtle Region is an exit route back to the Soul World
-           Why it is as if BKs are on their way back to the Soul World
-           Gathering of Shanker in Shankerpuri
-           Accumulation of 900,000 most powerful BK souls’ spiritual strength in the Subtle Region
-           Position of souls as they are taken back to Soul World after Judgment Day
-           Punishment on Judgment Day in Dharamraj Puri
-           Slow purification process in Confluence Age
-           Comparing Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri, Shankerpuri and the experiences in these subtle regions
-           Confluence Auric Field acts like a chakra to absorb God’s energies into the auric field
-           Visions reflect ‘spiritual state of the energies of the soul’ as Brahma, Vishnu or Shanker
-           Angelic Body in Brahmapuri
-           Confluence Auric Field connects the Angelic Body and the physical body
-           All BKs are in Brahmapuri
-           How world transformation takes place
-           Space of Subtle Region becomes the space of the SWL in the first half cycle
-           Walking into the Golden Age
-           From the end of the Silver Age, the SWL, Cosmic Field, SWD and Real World begin to sink into the Quantum World
-           Confluence Aged souls take a high jump into the divine state
-           Increased height of vortices bring the SWL above the Quantum World when the Golden Aged world materialises
-           Mid-Elements leave the Angelic World, while God and the Brahm Element go back to the Soul World with the human souls.
-           In the first half cycle, the creation process takes place in the border of the SWL
-           QE Light and quantum energies of different densities provide the Real World in the first and second half cycle.
-           Golden Aged world of the higher dimension will be brought down to exist in the space of our Real World
-           Old Holographic Universe of the second half cycle
-           Extension to the current Holographic Universe
-           New divine Holographic Universe of the first half cycle is referred to as the ‘Divine Holographic Universe’
-           Angelic World is not part of the Old Holographic Universe because the Angelic World is used to create the new divine Holographic Universe of the first half cycle
-           Confluence Aged souls are in the auspicious Confluence Aged Holographic World
-           Confluence Aged Holographic World is connected to the new Divine Holographic Universe
-           Real World lifted into the higher dimension through the Confluence Age
-           At the end, those who walk into the Golden Age and those who belong to the gathering of Shanker will be living together on earth for sometime
-           Since the SWD gets lifted into Brahmapuri, it is as if those who played the role of Brahma have transformed the ‘world’, where they resided, into the new heavenly world
-           Confluence Auric Field is part of the Angelic Body because it vibrates out from the Angelic Body
-           No permanent Subtle Region beyond the Corporeal World
-           When the Golden Aged world materialises, in the dimension of the Angelic World, a "world" begins to exist permanently in this dimension
-           An end to the cycle but not ‘The End’ because the Divine Holographic Universe has come into existence    

Om Shanti

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4. the Holographic Film of the Hologram which we are participating in.
5. how various kinds of worlds exist.
6. how the quantum energies materialise the physical bodies and physical world through the Holographic Universe.
7. how the creation process takes place through the vortices and chakras.
8. Near Death Experiences
9. the Cosmic Consciousness.
10. how subtle dimensions, holographic bodies and subtle bodies are created.
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14. the meditation and knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris.

The explanations in this book, on the Holographic Universe, will help the reader to understand the contents of the author's book titled “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)”. More on the Holographic Universe can also be found in the author's book “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)”.

This book was launched on 18th January, 2015. For more on this see: 

Launching of the book titled "Holographic Universe: An Introduction"

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