Evolution, Time and Ancient History (during the Creation of the Present Ordinary Earth): Ancient History ofBharath, Lemuria-Dravida-Malaya and Atlantis

This book is in the process of being written.

This book explains why the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris provides for a 5000 year cycle whereas evidences seem to point to millions and billions of years having passed during the Mid-Confluence (the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages). 

I have explained how time flows in a cyclic manner in my book "Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)".​ The BK cycle is based on how my lives we live in a cycle. In the BK murlis, God does not explain about how time flows at different speeds in the different dimensions. In this book, I am explaining why time seems to have existed for millions and billions of years during the Confluence between the Silver and Copper Ages, though it only involves the life when we walked out of the Silver Age. Time flowed at different rates in the different dimensions as the world drops from the higher heavenly dimension to the lower ordinary dimension of the second half cycle. I have begun explaining about how the world drops into the lower dimensions, in my earlier books [in "Holographic Universe: An Introduction" and in "Grow Rich while Walking into the ​Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)"] and more explanations will be given in this and subsequent books.

This book also explains how the present day visible universe got created through the Big Bang and how evolution took place thereafter in a lower dimension or Parallel Universe (in the Lower Universe) while the divine perfect world, which was in a higher dimension or Parallel Universe (within the Higher Universe), began dropping into the lower dimensions until it merged into the world that was being created in the Lower Universe. It explains what happens as the world gets created and evolves until we have the present universe of the second half cycle. It also explains how the Lemurian lands (of the Southern Kingdom) were moving upwards to where present day India exists and how Bharath (from the Higher Universe) dropped and merged into the Lemurian lands where present day India exists. 

​Through this book, my earlier books, my subsequent books and also through all my articles, I (Brahma Kumari Pari, the author) hope to influence the rewriting of history. 

Since 1996, God has been informing me that I have to become spiritually powerful so that He could use me well in the future. Thus, from 1996, I was concentrating on becoming spiritually powerful. From around 2003, I was guided to play a role through the internet. From 2009, I began to play an active role through the internet and I had also begun writing to explain the Cycle of Time. Around that time, I began to have a better understanding on what had happened during the Mid-Confluence. Before this, I was finding it hard to see what had happened during the Mid-Confluence because my Mid-Confluence Aged past birth was having traits of not being able to face what had happened during those ancient days, especially in respect of the usage of the nuclear weapons during those ancient times. As I was becoming spiritually more powerful, through using the BK knowledge to make spiritual efforts, my ability to face situations improved (since the spiritual effort making was improving my Power to Face). As a consequence, my ability to remember what had happened during the Mid-Confluence improved, with time. From around 2012, I began to remember my memories quite clearly.  This enabled God to use me well for giving the explanations which are in my articles and books. My power to face keeps improving since I remain a spiritual effort maker and so my explanations become more and more accurate.