You can also join ShivBaba's Golden Group at Telegram where the same posts are posted by BK Pari. This group is for those who want to give emphasis to becoming spiritually powerful. BK Murlis and other posts based on the Brahma Kumaris' knowledge are also posted here.

You can also subscribe to the Telegram Channel, if you do not want your phone number to be revealed. In this Telegram Channel, explanations based on the BK knowledge are posted daily in English and Hindi. The BK murlis are not posted here. Click on the following link to subscribe to this Telegram Channel:

To Golden Age

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Brahma Kumari Pari has create the 'To Golden Age" Telegram group

In this group, explanations and meditation guidelines (based on the BK knowledge) is posted every day. These explanations are given by BK Pari. She began meditating since the 1970s and she received BK Gyan in 1994. Thus, God uses her to give these explanations. 

Join this group so as to enjoy spiritual benefits for spiritual effort making purposes and to walk into the Golden Aged world. Murlis and other posts on the Brahma Kumaris knowledge are also posted here. Click on the following to join:

To Golden Age

Brahma Kumaris murli extracts with explanations