​​This book is based on the BK (Brahma Kumaris) knowledge. It should be read for one's own benefit and for world benefit because contemplating on the knowledge, in the book, will bring about world transformation through self transformation.

This book provides a clear, concise and meaningful explanation on the Murlis which are messages spoken by God (the Supreme Soul), in the Brahma Kumaris, as BapDada (God playing His role through using Brahma Baba). It generally guides on how you (the soul) should churn the knowledge of the Supreme Soul and imbibe it. This will bring a positive change in your life since it reveals deep mysteries of life and provides a way to adopt a divine character. 

Contemplating on the knowledge in this book will enable you to use divine virtues and powers while facing any kind of situation in your life. You will not be troubled by negativity, stress, etc. when you adopt the thinking process suggested in this book.

The contents of this book will help you to put seeds in your mind that bring you into a pure angelic stage. Through using the thinking process suggested in this book, you (the soul) become like a pure shining diamond which has been studded in gold to reveal its brilliance and value.

Written by:

Brahma Kumari Pari


Edited and improved upon by:
Shiv Baba Service Initiative

This “How to Think” book was edited and developed further by the other members of the “Shiv Baba Service Initiative”, a team which is dedicated in doing Godly service. The BK who manages the “Shiv Baba Service Initiative” team had asked Brahma Kumari Pari to write this book since God (Shiv Baba) has said that this book should be written. Hence, Brahma Kumari Pari wrote it. Though the BK who manages the “Shiv Baba Service Initiative” team lives in London and BK Pari lives in Malaysia, they communicated over the phone, WhatsApp and through email. BK Pari also communicated with the other members of the “Shiv Baba Service Initiative” team through the same way while the book was being edited. BK Pari stopped doing service through the Shiv Baba Service Initiative team in 2022.

This is the fourth book to be published by BK Pari. It consists of murli extracts, explanations and suggestions based on the murli extracts, etc. It was written with the aim to provide a deeper understanding on the murli points which have been given by God in the murlis. Since you will be thinking deeply as you read this book, you will easily attain a pure powerful spiritual stage.

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This book was launched on 24th June, 2019. Click here for more information on the launching of this book.

This book has been translated into:

1. Spanish (Como pensar)

2. Portuguese (Como Devemos Pensar)

3. French (Comment penser)

4. Dutch (Hoe te denken)

5. Finnish (Kuinka ajatella)

6. Italian (Il Valore del Pensiero)

7. Greek (Πώς να σκέφτεσαι)

8. Japanese (考え方)

9. German (Wie man denken sollte)

​The following is the Table of Contents of the book titled "How to Think":

Table of Contents 


1    Soul

2    Original and Et­ernal Form

3    God is a Point

4    Father Teaches Souls

5    Soul Consciousness

6    Remember the Father

7    Close Relationship with Only One God

8    Purification through Remembrance

9    Imbibe

10  Original Religion

11  Embodiment

12  Recognizing and Knowing God

13  Shrimat (Godly Dictates)

14  Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar and the Lord of the Three Worlds

15  Om Shanti

16  Mind, Intellect, Sanskaras, Controlling Power, Ruling Power and the Power of Coolness

17  Detached Observer and Time to Return Home

18  Cycle of Time and Master Almighty Authority

19  Maya Ravan

20  Spiritual Income

21  Claiming your Inheritance

22  Remembering God and the Cycle to become World Rulers

23  Knowledge-full Seed of the Human World Tree

24  Churning the Jewels of Knowledge

25  Conclusion

The cover and back cover of the printed book titled "How to Think".

The present is the most valuable time in the entire world drama cycle. May this book guide you towards the highest and real purpose of human life.



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8. Japanese (考え方)