Recovery and Prevention: Covid-19 and other Diseases

About the Author

This book (Recovery and Prevention:

Covid-19 and other Diseases) teaches you

how to keep yourself safe and get cured

of Covid-19 and other diseases. You can

also help others to stay safe and get 

cured through using the practices

suggested in this book. Since you

become spiritually powerful as you use

the practices in this book, you will

find it very easy to remain close to God

so as to get His help and co-operation.

There are also explanations in this book

as to why human beings can be infected

by the coronaviruses.

This book was launched on

18th January, 2022.

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This book has been translated into:

1. Hindi: रिकवरी और रोकथाम: कोविड -19 और अन्य रोग

2. French: Récupération et Prévention :Covid-19 et autres Maladies

3. Japanese: 回復と予防:コビッド-19と他の病気

4. Greek: Ανάρρωση και πρόληψη: Covid-19 και άλλες ασθένειες

5. Italian: Recupero e Prevenzione: Covid-19 e altre Malattie

6. Portuguese: Recuperação e Prevenção: Covid-19 e outras Doenças

The following is the Table of Contents of the book titled "Recovery and Prevention: Covid-19 and other Diseases":

Table of Contents 


Chapter 1: Impure State Increases the Risk of Covid-19 and other Diseases

Chapter 2: God’s Help

Chapter 3: Fruition during Lockdowns, Quarantines and Isolations

Chapter 4: The Soul has to Keep the Body Healthy and get it Healed

Chapter 5: Burn Karmic Accounts to Recover and Stay Safe

Chapter 6: Your Godly Shield of Protection

Chapter 7: Get Healed and Stay Healthy through Purified Water

Chapter 8: Healing and Staying Safe while Cooking

Chapter 9: Eating Purified Food (Healing as You Eat)

Chapter 10: Exercise and Nutrients for Good Health

Chapter 11: Meditation Guideline for Healing and Staying safe

Chapter 12: Meditation Guideline for Staying Safe

Chapter 13: Meditation Guideline for getting Cured

Chapter 14: Historical Aspects of Coronavirus Infection

Chapter 15: Ravana’s Role in the Creation of Coronaviruses

Chapter 16: Helping the World and Yourself against Covid-19

Chapter 17: Meditation Guideline for Helping the World and Yourself

Chapter 18: Meditation Guideline for Healing Another

Chapter 19: Further Meditation Guidelines

Chapter 20: Conclusion

About the Author

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