​​​​List of Affirmations and Meditation Commentaries

by Brahma Kumari Pari

The links (to the Meditation Commentaries that have been uploaded into YouTube by BK Pari) can be found further down. Links to the other videos uploaded by BK Pari into YouTube can be found at:

You can listen to the Meditation Commentaries, which have been uploaded into YouTube by BK Pari, through the following links:

1. Stay Free from Covid-19 and other Diseases (Meditation Commentary):

2. Prevention of Covid-19 and other Diseases (Meditation Commentary 2):

​3. Covid-19: Cure Yourself (Meditation Commentary):

4. Covid-19: Safe yourself and Others (Meditation Commentary):

5. Covid-19 Meditation Commentary: Heal yourself and the World:

6. Covid 19 - Heal an Infected Person (Meditation Commentary):

7. Receive Co-operation and Get What You Want (Meditation Commentary):


8. Meditation Commentary: Soul Conscious:


9. Meditation Guidelines for ‘Healing’ as You Eat:


10. Meditation Guidelines: Our Births in the World Tree:

11. Meditation Guidelines: In Soul World and then in Golden Age:

12. Meditation Guideline: Experience Golden Age and God’s Love:

13. Meditation Guideline: Experiences in the World Tree:

14. Meditation Guideline: World Benefactor:


15. Meditation Guideline: My births in the World Ladder:

16. Meditation Guideline: Speak to God:

17. Meditation Guidelines: Experiencing my Treasures / Inner Journey:

18. Meditation Guideline for an Adverse Situation:

19. Meditation Guidelines: Carrying out actions in the soul-conscious stage:

20. Meditation for Removing a Depressive Mood

21. Meditation Guideline: On the Boat with God

22. Meditation Guideline for Healing and Staying Safe while Cooking

23. Meditation Practice (Drinking in Remembrance)


24. Meditation Guideline: God Heals the Body and Soul

25. Meditation Guideline: Carrying Out Daily Activities in the Blissful Stage

26. Meditation Guideline: Golden Aged Experience

27. Meditation Guideline: Magical Healing

28. Meditation Guidelines: Eating in Remembrance to become Spiritually Powerful

29. Meditation Guidelines: My Five Powerful Forms

30. Meditation Guideline to Remove Depression that is Caused by Defects in the Body


You can hear the above so that:

1. you attain a high spiritual stage and become spiritually powerful.

2. you can stay safe and heal yourself through using God's powerful Light.

3. help others to stay safe and get healed through using God's powerful Light.

4. you have a close relationship with God. Hence, you can easily get His help.

Constantly listening to these will help you to become spiritually powerful, get healed, remain healthy, etc because you will receive God's assistance. If you are hearing these to get healed, keep hearing these for as long as possible, throughout every day, until you are healed. You can use the above meditation commentaries in addition to using the knowledge and practices to heal yourself (soul and body) as suggested in BK Pari's books "Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation" and "Recovery and Prevention: Covid-19 and other Diseases".

As more meditation commentaries are uploaded in YouTube, the links will be provided here.