My Experiences with the Aliens (and Why the Aliens Exist)

​This book will get completed and published soon.  

After I had written my book “Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation”, I was having communications with a grey alien and other aliens. Thus, I decided to write this book titled “My Experiences with the Aliens (Why the Aliens Exist)” before completing my other books.

This book explains about my experiences with the greys. It also explains how, at the end of the Silver Age (during the Mid-Confluence), beings were created and sent into outer space (when a research and investigation was being done due to the changes that were taking place in the universe as the world was transforming into the world of the second half cycle). These beings had returned to earth when the cosmic bodies in outer space were no longer inhabitable (when the visible universe transformed into the imperfect state). Having returned to earth, they played a role with the Mid-Confluence Aged gods to create civilisations for the second half cycle, on earth. The descendants of these alien beings continue to play a role via the dimensions surrounding earth (in the dimensions of the Cosmic Man of the Reptilian Collective Consciousness). Aliens are also created as per the worship practices done for the Reptilian Collective Consciousness. 

Scientists have stated that there are billions of galaxies in the universe. I refer to this universe as the ‘visible universe’. This visible universe is created within the Holographic Universe. It can also be said that the Holographic Universe and our visible universe, together, is the Corporeal World since both of these involve the provision of the physical world for us to live our lives (while we take births in the Corporeal World). The Holographic Universe consists of the Higher Universe and the Lower Universe. A perfect world is provided for the people, in the Higher Universe, during the first half cycle. Then, an ordinary world is provided for Mankind, in the Lower Universe, during the second half cycle. During the middle of the Cycle of Time (i.e. during the Mid-Confluence), the world was dropping from the Higher Universe to get merged with the world that was being created in the Lower Universe. As per the World Drama, numerous galaxies had to be created in the Lower Universe during the Mid-Confluence because the Mid-Confluence Aged people were destined to travel into outer space during the Mid-Confluence. It was part of their entertainment. They were also destined to be entertained by what was happening in the sky (outerspace) since they had advanced powerful equipment through which they could see what was happening in outerspace. Numerous galaxies also had to be created in the Lower Universe because the Mid-Confluence Aged people had a role to take care of affairs involving what happens on the earth in the Lower Universe. Everything happened as per the World Drama.

I, the author, hope to influence the rewriting of history through the history provided in my books.

The history provided by me should be quite accurate considering that it is being explained based on memories of past births who lived during those ancient times. God emerges these memories and gives further explanations as I write. The memories of my past birth who had played an active role for what was happening in the Lower Universe, during the Mid-Confluence, is greatly relied upon. During his time, the world in the Lower Universe was being created, while the world of the Higher Universe was dropping and merging into the world of the Lower Universe. All these have been reflected in the Hindu scriptures since these Hindu scriptures were written based on the knowledge provided by those ancient gods and aliens. The Hindu scriptures were reflecting what had happened as the world was dropping from the Higher Universe to merge into the world that was being created in the Lower Universe.


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