The “Shiv Baba Service Initiative” is a BK team which is dedicated in doing Godly service. This team is managed by a BK who lives in London. This BK also manages the Brahma Kumaris website, the BK Google search engine (, etc. He has connected numerous BK sources through the Brahma Kumaris website and through BK Google. 

In 2018, the  manager of this team asked Brahma Kumari Pari to write the book titled “How to Think” since God (Shiv Baba) has said that this book should be written. Hence, Brahma Kumari Pari wrote the book. The members of the Shiv Baba Service Initiative team edited and developed the “How to Think” book further.

Services done through 'Shiv Baba Service initiative':

​1. Email letter responding (on behalf of Shiv baba). See on Forum

​2. Managing main website:

​3. Managing main Blog Visit

4. Managing the Aritlces blog website ->

5. Having created 3 mobile apps for Android phone, they are managing 1 of them.

6. Managing the Sound Cloud channel for daily audio services

7. Writing articles in Hindi and English. See this

8. Audio English translation for original Sakar Murli. See this

9. Managing 6 WhatsApp groups

10. Other services connected with the main website and Shiv Baba's Godly Service.

* What is this initiative for?

The initiative is for Services done, or directly inspired, by Shiv Baba. Thus, it is named 'Shiv Baba Service'. Through this initiative:

1. a base is being made to create the godly kingdom in the coming new world.

2. large amount of services will be done via the internet and many other means.

* When and How it started? 

This great initiative was started in early 2016 as a YouTube channel to reveal God's knowledge to every soul in many ways: daily murlis, avyakt murli clips, audio explanations, visuals, Rajyog meditation commentaries, regular BK classes, etc.

Then, in June 2017, a website was started for the YouTube videos and for providing resources for Baba’s children (both new and old). Four months after this website was started, the YouTube channel was closed. The time was completely spent to improve the services provided through the website; there was an initiative to make a complete website for everything. This was actually the true beginning of the Initiative. All available time was only dedicated to improving the website. One by one, the 4 main sections were created (ABOUT, WISDOM, RESOURCES, SERVICES) and under these main sections, the sub-pages were created. Initially, improvements were made with an intention to attract the general non-BK souls, so that they could receive the knowledge through this website; there was the intention that they should receive benefits through the vast available resources (divine songs, images, etc). With this pure intention, and after having worked hard for 18 months, the website was almost ready to be referred to as the ‘One Website for Everything’. In Jan 2019, this website was reviewed by BK Karuna (Mount Abu) and he liked it a lot. 

This team is trying its best to provide materials which can be used by spiritual effort makers to become spiritually powerful; it will lead those who walk into the Golden Aged world.

If you wish to apply to join the service team, fill this form and submit. 

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Shiv Baba Service Initiative