The “Shiv Baba Service Initiative” is a BK team which is dedicated in doing Godly service. This team is managed by a BK who lives in London. This BK also manages the Brahma Kumaris official website, the BK Google search engine (, etc. He has connected numerous BK sources through the Brahma Kumaris website and through BK Google. 

In 2018, the  manager of this team asked Brahma Kumari Pari to write the book titled “How to Think” since God (Shiv Baba) has said that this book should be written. Hence, Brahma Kumari Pari wrote the book. The members of the Shiv Baba Service Initiative team edited and developed the “How to Think” book further.

More on this team and the services which they do can be found at:

​Visitors to this page, and website, can use the chat service box (that pops up) to ask questions on the BK knowledge, about the team and the service done by the team, etc.

If you wish to do service through this Shiv Baba Service Initiative, see

If you are not able to use your time or talents to contribute for world service, you can contribute money to maintain and improve the Brahma Kumaris official website and for other services done by BKs through the Shiv Baba Service Initiative. This team is trying its best to provide materials which can be used by spiritual effort makers to become spiritually powerful; it will lead those who walk into the Golden Aged world.

You can also contact the Shiv Baba Service team through:

You can also contact the London BK who manages this team via email ( or through whatsApp.

Shiv Baba Service Initiative