To Golden Age Service Team

​BK Pari created the WhatsApp group "BK to Golden Age" on 1st July 2020. Admins of this group, who were BKs, began translating her writings into Hindi so that her writings can get posted in the group, in English and Hindi. The Hindi translation was provided because many of the members of the group were from India. Those who were translating her writings were doing this service as members of the ‘To Golden Age Service Team’. They were trying to make sure that at least one ‘murli extract with explanation’ was provided for spiritual effort makers to read, every day, in the WhatsApp and other groups which were managed by the members of the To Golden Age Service Team. These ‘murli extracts with explanations’ were meant to be compiled as books so that others (who are not in the 'BK to Golden Age' groups) could also read to understand what has been spoken by God in the murlis and enjoy the benefits of that. 

Everything that is done by the members of the To Golden Age Service Team is for Baba’s Godly service which involves world transformation through self-transformation. Brahma Kumari Pari writes the explanations, based on the BK knowledge, in English and the other members of the team translate what she has written into Hindi. All these are done to bring about the transformation of India and the whole world into the Golden Aged Bharat. 

The members of the To Golden Age Service Team also began to translate the chapters in BK Pari's books so that these books can be published in Hindi. ​ Some of the translated books are published as books translated by "BK Service" since BKs prefer to do incognito service.