Retreat Place at Ambang Suria (Threshold of the Sun) in Malaysia

It is a 'Golden Aged Place of Pyramids' where one learns to:

1. get linked to God (through the Confluence Age) so as to become spiritually powerful and divine, and

2. get connected to cosmic energies (which are in the Matrix within the Holographic Universe) so as to live long, remain healthy, get healed, etc. Through the link to God, these cosmic energies are energised so as to serve us well.

This retreat place is the 'Threshold of the Sun Dynasty' for walking into the Golden Aged world. Enjoy peace, happiness etc. as you walk into the Golden Aged world.

Brahma Kumari Pari has bought a piece of land and is in the process of getting a retreat place built on this land which is in Malaysia. Visitors can learn meditation here and/or stay in this retreat place so as to do some sight-seeing in Malaysia. The place is within the Klang Valley, in the outskirts of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, in a place called Ambang Suria (in Puncak Alam, Selangor, Malaysia). The retreat place is currently surrounded by trees and so it is a good spot for retreats. Transport, in and out of this retreat place, will be arranged by BK Pari, and her helpers, based on requests by visitors.

More information on this retreat place will be provided here when the building has been built.