​​​Brahma Kumaris' websites

The following are the Brahma Kumaris websites and other BK websites where you can get information on the BK knowledge, BK centers, articles and books written based on the BK knowledge, etc.

1. BK Google : The Search Engine for finding information on the Brahma Kumaris, the BK knowledge, BK songs, BK articles, murlis etc.

2. Brahma Kumaris Website : This website provides all relevant information about the Brahma Kumaris, the BK knowledge, Rajyoga course, all online services, etc.

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Brahma Kumaris books 

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Online Services

Articles in Hindi & English

3. BK Mobile apps - Android

4. : Main server website for resources collections and downloads (murli related stuff, all classes, sakar murlis, avyakt murlis, songs and video collections)

5. : A website which gives a lot of information in Hindi and English (e.g. news, events, info, etc.)

6. : A website which provides the Daily Murli in 25 languages (Indian and International languages).

7. All Brahma Kumaris Websites - Divine Collection: Numerous website links can be found here. 

8. The latest murli and all earlier murlis can be found here:

9. BK articles, knowledge etc. can be also be found through the following sites:

- BK Anil's website,
- BK Anil's Youtube
- BK Anil's Blog

10. Contact your nearest center in India 

11. Contact your nearest center world-wide