The Net and Indra’s Net in the Holographic Universe

(including meditation guidelines to use energies in Indra’s Net to live long, get healed, etc)

There are explanations in this book about:

1. various kinds of nets that are within the Holographic Universe.

2. the differences between Indra’s Net and the nets that exist within the Holographic Universe.

3. the grid lines and vortices that are within the nets.

4. Leylines.

5. how time flows at different speeds in the different worlds that were provided through the different nets, during the Mid-Confluence

6 the Buddhists’ views on Indra’s Net

7 Indrajala

8 the ancient Egyptian Masters of the Net for the afterlife

9 how dimensions were provided for the ancestors of those who are currently referred to as ‘aliens’

10 how the grid cells in the brain provide a coordinating system to define the exact location of a person (embodies soul) in the map which is based on the points in the grid that exist within the Holographic Universe.

11 why a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can feel lost even though the person is in a familiar environment.

There are also explanations, in this book, on:

1. verses that are within the Atharva Veda, Rig Veda and Mahabharata.

2. verses in the Bible about Jesus’ references to the net, etc

There are also meditation guidelines on how to energise the cosmic energies in the Net with God’s energise and to bring those energised cosmic energies into the body so as to live a long life, remain healthy, get the body healed, etc.