Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)
Holographic Universe: An Introduction

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How to Think

Since God (Shiv Baba) said that this book should be written, the BK who manages the Shiv Baba Service Initiave, BK Google search engine and the Brahma Kumaris website asked Brahma Kumari Pari to write this book. She wrote it as requested because she tries her best to obey God's instructions.

Launching of this book 

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Previous Books:​ 

3. Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation

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This book "Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation" can be read for free at pdf book section of the Brahma Kumaris website (at See "Healing the Self - BK Pari".

This book has been translated into:

1. Portuguese (Renove-se e Cure-se através da Meditação) 

2. Hindi (ध्यान के माध्यम से स्वयं को तरोताज़ा एवं रोग-मुक्त करें / dhyaan ke maadhyam se svayan ko tarotaaza evan rog-mukt karen)

3. Spanish (Renovación y sanación mediante la meditación)

4. Greek(Αναζωογονηθείτε και Θεραπευτείτε μέσω του Διαλογισμού

5. Irish (Athnuachan agus Leigheas leat féin trí Machnamh).

6. Finnish (Virkistä ja Paranna Itseäsi Meditoinnin kautta).

7. Norwegian (Forsterk og Helbred Deg Selv Gjennom Meditasjon)

8. Japanese (リフレッシュし、瞑想を通して自分自身を癒す).

9. German (Erquicken und heilen Sie sich selbst durch Meditation)
10. Afrikaans (Verfris en Genees Uself deur Meditasie)

11. Italian (Rivitalizzare sé stessi e Guarire con la Meditazione)

​2. Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)

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​​​​This book has been translated into PortugueseSpanish and Japanese. Click on this link to read it in:

1. Portuguese [Enriqueça na caminhada para o Mundo da Era de Ouro (com Comentários de Meditação)].

2. Spanish [Enriquézcase mientras entra al Mundo de la Era de Oro (Con Comentarios de Meditación)].

​3. Japanese (黄金の高齢者の世界 (瞑想の論評と) に歩いている間に豊かな成長)

1. ​Holographic Universe: An Introduction

Launching of this book

​​Click on this link:

1. to go to the Table of Contents and a brief

out-line of some of the things that are

discussed in the chapters of this book.

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This book has been translated into ItalianPortugueseSpanishFrench, Norwegian, Irish, Greek, JapaneseAfrikaans, and Japanese. Click on the relevant links below to read it in:

1. Italian (Universo Olografico: Un'introduzione)

2. Portuguese (Universo Holográfico: Uma Introdução)

3. Spanish (Universo Holográfico: Una Introducción)

4. French (Univers Holographique: Une Introduction)

5. Norwegian (Holografisk Univers: En Introduksjon)

6. Irish (Cruinne Holographic: Réamhrá)

​7. Greek (Ολογραφικό Σύμπαν: Μια Εισαγωγή)

8. Japanese (ホログラフィックうちゆう: 提出)
9. Afrikaans (Holografiese Heelal: 'n Inleiding)

10. German (Holographisches Universum: Eine Einführung).


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