How to register as an affiliate at JVZoo:

​1. Click on and you will be brought to the following page where you can register to become an affiliate at JVZoo:



2. Fill the above form. At the end of the form you will see this:

“ You are going to be called as soon as you submit this form in order to verify your phone. You will NOT be able to use our account until your phone is verified”.

Thus, when you click "REGISTER" in the above form, you will come to the following page:



3. Get near the phone you entered during registration. Before you click on “CLICK >>> Call my phone now!”, go to your email (which has just been sent to you by JVZoo) and you will see the following message:

“Welcome to JVZoo!
Thanks for joining JVZoo. We listed your sign in details below, make sure you keep them safe.
To verify your email address, please follow this link:

Finish your registration...

Link doesn't work? Copy the following link to your browser address bar:

Please verify your email within 48 hours, otherwise your registration will become invalid and you will have to register again.

Your email address: ..........

Have fun!
The JVZoo Team”

4. Click on "Finish your registration..." and then go back to your Phone Verification page at JVZoo (see No.2 above, for an example) and click on “CLICK >>> Call my phone now!”.

5. Then, you will receive a phone call. Listen to the recording. A voice will give you your Verification Code number. Enter the code provided in the form (in the Phone Verification Page).

6. Then, you will be brought to the following "Payment Profile and Mailing Address page":



You have completed the registration process and now you have to provide JVZoo with details by filling up the relevants forms through the "Payment Profile and Mailing Address page".

Click on this link to continue getting guidance on how to fill the Payment Profile form at the JVZoo website:

If there is anything which you do not understand, you can contact JVZoo's Customer Support (See