How to register for a PayPal account:

Please note that since all JVZoo payments are done through PayPal, you will have to open a PayPal account to receive the 75% commission for the sales of each eBook via JVZoo. Then, you have to link your PayPal account to your JVZoo account. According to JVZoo, you must link a Business or Premium PayPal account to JVZoo. If you have a personal PayPal account, you have to perform the FREE upgrade to a Premier PayPal account. JVZoo has given instructions, in the following video, on how you can set up PayPal in JVZoo: 

Also see my page ( for guidance on how to link your PayPal account to your JVZoo account so that you can automatically get paid through PayPal.

Anyone, from anywhere in the world can open a PayPal account unless you are in one of the countries where PayPal is not available. Just follow the following instructions:

1. Go to the PayPal website.
2. Fill in the form, i.e email address, password, etc.
3. Confirm your email address in order to verify your account.
7. Link your PayPal account to one of your existing credit card, debit card or bank accounts (in your country).

​Go to the following sites for more information on how to register for a PayPal account:



NB: If there is a refund request, JVZoo will take the money paid by that purchaser, from the relevant PayPal accounts, to pay the purchaser. If PayPal is not available in your country, then you cannot sell/promote Pari's eBooks through JVZoo. 

If there is anything which you do not understand, you can contact JVZoo's Customer Support (See