Figure 1: Dimensions based on density, during the Golden and Silver Ages, in the Corporeal World and Holographic Universe.

​NB: In the diagram provided below, densities of the dimensions are based on
1. spiritual experiences, and

2. how energies and particles become denser for the creation process.

I have not depicted density based on the theories of Quantum Mechanics, such as where scientists say that quantum energies, in the quantum vacuum, are denser than mass. 

All the dimensions in the Corporeal World can be said to be part of the Holographic Universe since:

1. all the energies in the Corporeal World are involved with providing the Hologram of the Real World which the people live in.

2. all the energies in the Holographic Universe serve the people who are playing their roles on the World Stage.

Please read the book to have a better understanding of what I have said and the diagram below.