Déan teagmháil leis an aistritheoir Antonela Rak

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Antonela Rak was born on 13th October, 1992

in Šibenik, Croatia. Her native language is

Croatian. However, she also knows how to speak

in English, Italian and Spanish. She translates

into English, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin,

Greek and Irish. She is very good at using the

computer and internet for work purposes. She also writes projects. She has 

worked on EU projects for the City of Zabok, for the IT company TRUE IT, for Darrer, and for ELING. ​She has studied Public Administration and done relevant work in this area. Though she is a person with disabilities, she is highly capable and works towards achieving her aims. She has translated numerous books into various languages. She has also translated the following book, which was written by Brahma Kumari Pari, into Irish: Athnuachan agus Leigheas leat féin trí Machnamh (Refresh and Heal Yourself through Meditation), Cruinne Holographic: Réamhrá (Holographic Universe: An Introduction) and Fás saibhir agus tú ag siúl i Domhanda na hAoise Órga (le tráchtaireachtaí Machnamh) [Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)]. Brahma Kumari Pari was impressed with how Antonela had translated her book so quickly. Pari also found Antonela to be very co-operative and sweet; it was very easy to communicate with Antonela.