My Experiences with the Aliens (and Why the Aliens Exist)


This book will get completed and published soon.

This book explains about my experiences with the greys. It also explains how, at the end of the Silver Age (during the Mid-Confluence), beings were created and sent into outer space (when a research and investigation was being done when changes were taking place in the universe as the world was transforming into the world of the second half cycle). These beings had returned to earth when the cosmic bodies in outer space were no longer inhabitable (when the visible universe transformed into the imperfect state); having returned to earth, they played a role with the Mid-Confluence Aged gods to create civilisations for the second half cycle, on earth. These alien beings continue to play a role via the dimensions surrounding earth (in the dimensions of the Cosmic Man of the Reptilian Collective Consciousness). Aliens are also created as per the worship practices done for the Reptilian Collective Consciousness. 

After I published my book “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)”, I had begun writing my book “Expansion of the Universe”. The visible universe is expanding as it drops down the vortex where the visible universe is materialised. This vortex is like a Pillar of Light. Though many vortices are involved with materialising the visible universe, I have simplified it here for convenience. More explanations on all the vortices involved with the materialisation of the visible universe will be given in subsequent books. Anyway, as I was writing the book "Expansion of the Universe", I started explaining about the Pillar of Light in the book because I needed to explain that in order to give a proper explanation on how and why the universe is expanding. As I began to write on the Pillar of Light, I decided to quote from the Hindu scriptures. As a consequence, I had to explain the other meanings of the ‘Pillar of Light’ in the Hindu scriptures, etc. So I decided to write another book called “Pillar of Light in the Holographic Universe”. After writing this book, I wanted to briefly give explanations on the Pillar of Light (which involved the vortices that were providing the universe) in the book “Expansion of the Universe” so that the contents of the book is just about the expansion of the universe. Anyone who wanted to know more on the vortices which provide the universe and on the Pillar of Light, could always read the book “Pillar of Light in the Holographic Universe”. As I was writing the “Pillar of Light” book, I decided that I needed to write the book “Yantra of Creation” before writing the book on the Pillar of Light because I had to explain the creation processes through the vortices which are like triangles within the yantra and star designs. As all these were going on, something more was happening because I was having communications with a grey alien and other aliens. Thus, I decided to write the book “My Experiences with the Aliens (Why the Aliens Exist)” first. In the meantime, improvements are also being made to the book “Expansion of the Universe” because all these books involve what is happening in the Holographic Universe. As my experiences (in the Holographic Universe) increases, as I contemplate on the various aspects of what is happening in the Holographic Universe, the contents of all these books will also improve. The contents of the book "Expansion of the Universe" is also continuous getting improved upon from time to time. 

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